Reconditioned Batteries

Battery manufacturers are hoping you never find out about reconditioned batteries. That’s because a new battery cost a whole lot while reconditioned batteries cost almost next to nothing.

Auto battery replacement is big business, car battery prices are high and battery makers want to keep it that way. Most folks never heard of battery reconditioning or think it is hard or complicated to do.

But the truth is just about anyone can learn how to recondition a car battery. Most dead batteries can be restored to like new condition. It is  simple and easy to do once you know how. So before you rush out and buy a new car battery you may want to consider refurbished car batteries instead.

Battery Reconditioning – Tools And Chemical Additives

This video will give you a good overview of the tools you will need to start reconditioning batteries. In the video a chemical additive is used. This technique is one of several methods for car battery reconditioning and although it looks like a quick fix it is not suitable for all situations.

However, it should show you that actually testing a battery is relatively easy and straightforward and this needs to be done before you can determine the best method to restore your battery.

Other methods for restoring dead batteries besides using battery reconditioning chemicals involve using a  battery desulfator or equalizing charge.

You will need to purchase some tools if you don’t already have them, but this cost will quickly be offset by the savings over auto battery replacement.

Start A Battery Reconditioning Business

Once you learn how to recondition batteries and acquire the proper tools you can start a sideline business that offers reconditioned batteries for sale. There is good money to be made because batteries can often be obtained free or bought cheaply assuring a high profit margin.

The Green Movement is very popular and you will be able to use this to your advantage. Every battery that you recondition is one less that goes to the landfill. More and more people are seeking Eco-Friendly businesses out and you can offer them a win win situation by helping them save money on new car battery costs and helping the environment too.

Reconditioned Batteries Are Perfect For Green Energy Projects

While selling reconditioned batteries is not for everyone, you will be able to save yourself money and help the environment and you can help out family or friends at the very least.

If you want to Go Green or totally get off the grid reconditioned batteries are the perfect choice. All green energy projects that use solar or wind power require a bank of storage batteries for storing surplus power and for the days when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun isn’t shining.

If you have ever considered an electric car conversion you will find car battery prices can quickly put this project out of reach.

But forklift battery reconditioning or reconditioned golf cart batteries can make all these projects affordable and these batteries can be bought cheaply and sometimes they are free for the hauling.

Six Reasons To Start Reconditioning Batteries

  • Battery reconditioning works. Most batteries can be restored to like new condition
  • It’s very simple to recondition lead acid batteries once you have the right tools.
  • Save money by reconditioning batteries instead of buying a new car battery.
  • It’s good for the environment! If you want to go green then this is perfect for you.
  • Makes a fun DIY project and you can help out your friends and family or even teach them how to recondition batteries.
  • Make money on the side selling reconditioned car batteries.

Before you spend money on replacing your car battery or buy new batteries for your green energy project we really think you should give reconditioned batteries a try.


Car Battery Problems?

Everyone at some point has car battery problems. Seems like it’s always at the worst possible time, like when you’re running late for work or to pick the kids up from school. Really there is no good time is there?

You jump in your car, turn the key and nothing. Or maybe you get some clicking or a sickly urr rurr rurr as your starter desperately tries to turn over your engine. Well that sucks! And right about now you’re praying this isn’t really happening to you

Chances are you’ve noticed your engine starting to turn over slower or noticed a lag in time when you turned the key. Well assuming your charging system is ok and you didn’t just leave a light on you really only have 2 choices. You can recharge the battery or replace it.

Recharging is only a temporary fix for car battery problems because your battery is dying inside and it will actually hasten the process. Eventually it will hold less charge for less time.

So after a while your car battery problems are slowly getting worse and you’re needing a jump-start just to get home from work. Now you really need to buy a new battery. There’s really not much choice, or is there?

Did you know you can recondition batteries and eliminate car battery problems forever?

You can learn to recondition batteries it’s a simple straightforward process you can learn to do at home. Of course battery makers want you to buy a new car battery so they try to keep this fact a secret.

It does take a bit of time so if your battery is dead right now it wont help right away. But it could help prevent battery problems down the road.

Often you can get batteries to restore cheaply or even for free and most car batteries can be brought back to near new condition. You may even have a few lying around the shop or garage.

There are several ways to restore batteries but usually the most effective method uses a battery desulfator. This is a device very similar to a battery charger.

What happens over time is that the sulfuric acid in your battery begins to crystallize and coat the lead plates inside. Eventually there is enough crud in there to affect your batteries performance.

This is why most batteries fail. But the sulfation process can be reversed by a battery desulfator and the battery restored to almost new.

So before you throw that battery away, you should look into reconditioned batteries as a way to save money on new battery cost and keep it out of the landfill. If you’re interested, you can also start a home business by reconditioning batteries you get free, and then reselling them.

But best of all once you start reconditioning batteries you can kiss your car battery problems good-bye.