Desulfation – What Is Battery Desulfation?

You can get good as new, reconditioned batteries at home through a process called desulfation. Most likely if you own any kind of motorized vehicle you have had to deal with a dead or dying lead acid battery. And the hassle it causes is no fun, not to mention what a new battery cost and does to your bank account.

But the good news is battery reconditioning by using a desulfator can restore 90% of all dead batteries. So start to recondition batteries and save money you will need a desulfator. You can buy one or build one yourself. There is plenty of information online about how to build a battery desulfator including schematics and there are books that offer DIY battery desulfator plans too.

But I think first it helps to understand a bit about how a lead acid battery works and what sulfation and desulfation are.

Car batteries create electricity by using lead plates submerged in a sulfuric acid bath. A chemical reaction between the two produces electricity. Unfortunately this reaction also produces lead sulfate.

At first the lead sulfate is converted back to lead and sulfuric acid. But over time as the battery ages or due to poor battery maintenance, the lead sulfate starts to crystallize. It starts to coat the lead plates and the battery’s capacity is reduced. This process is called sulfation and it’s the main reason that most batteries eventually fail.

Sulfation causes a lowered capacity and the battery takes longer to recharge. Left to its own, it will prevent a battery from getting fully charged and eventually from getting charged at all. This is the point where many of us start using a battery charger so we don’t have to buy a new battery.

But the situation only continues to worsen. What you are doing is killing the battery completely and eventually all it will do is get hot, bubble, and lose water. Maybe you’ve been there. Regular battery chargers are a quick temporary fix that actually make matters worse.

The good news is that usually sulfation can be reversed by using a specialized kind of battery charger called a desulfator that sends pulses of high current through the battery at preset intervals.This breaks down the crystallized lead sulfate on the lead plates and the battery’s capacity is restored. This process is called desulfation.

So before you throw that battery away, or fry it with a regular battery charger why not find out more about reconditioned batteries and using a battery desulfator first.

I have some friends that are living green, They are using wind and solar power for electricity and driving electric cars they built. They pay nothing for gas or electricity and that’s really great. But there’s a problem. The energy they produce must be stored and that requires batteries and plenty of them.

If you think one battery for your car is expensive, imagine buying twenty of them. That’s a whole lot of a different kind of green. Frankly they couldn’t afford to buy all they needed new. They needed a way to recondition batteries cheaply. So they did some research and built their own desulfator.

You can also build your own desulfator and start using reconditioned batteries instead of buying new ones. You can often find free or cheap batteries to restore and you could even start a home business selling reconditioned batteries if you want to.

So before you throw that battery away, or drop a bundle buying a new car battery you should consider desulfation battery reconditioning as a way to save money and help the environment by keeping it out of the landfill.

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